II) Chocolate making

Firstly, cocoa seeds are harvested by hand. We can see on this map the principal places where cocoa trees are growing :
Then, cocoa seeds ferment to obtain more aroma, and when they are fermented enough, they are place under the sun to dry. Then, seeds are separated from their shell and roasted. Afterwards, they are crushed, pressed, and worked with various ingredients like milk, for example. Different techniques are used to obtain a fine paste, a smooth and briant chocolate,… Next, chocolate is blent with grapes, nuts, or rice… Finally, chocolate is moulded and coated.

Chocolate-makers create every day new flavours which are better and better. Do we know what they will invent tomorrow ? Chocolate is one of the most appreciated foods in the world. In addition, it is also famous for its medical effects : chocolate prevents break-downs, stress, diabetes… Therefore, if you want to keep fit, eat chocolate !

From cocoa tree…


…to chocolate

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