In this website, I am trying to describe you Ireland through three differents characteristics of this beautiful country. As you can see on the left, the first one is the geography of Ireland. On this page, you can find a map of Ireland, of course, but also various informations on things like the differents parts of the island, the size of these parts, the number of inhabitants and others details like that. The second one is the history of this country. In this part, I am describing the most precisely I can the main sreps of the history of Ireland from the first settlers to independence. The third and last one, but not least, is about myths and legends in this magic country. In this part, I am telling you some of the most famous Ireland's legends such as the life of St Patrick, the story of the giant causeway, the legends about the leprechaun, and others.I hope you will enjoy yourself by visiting this website.

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