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In history books, we often say that Marconi invented the radio. I don't think that's exactly true. The operating of radio couldn't be found without the studies of waves. Moreover, it's quite strange to name radio the first post and the web-radios today. It isn't the same thing at all. It improved much ! There you will see a little chronology which could help you to make an idea about the discovery and the evolution of the radio.


1867 The Scottish James Clerk Maxwell said that it was possible to make waves.

1888 The German Heinrich Rudolf Hertz succeded in making wave and changing their frenquency.
1890 The French Edouard Branly succeded in collecting waves. The first emmission/reception experience was done.
1895 The Russian Alexander Popov improved the antenna which was an idea of Edouard Branly.

1896 Marconi used Branly's, Hertz' and Popov's discoveries to send the first radio message to a few meters and then kilometers. These messages were sent in Morse

1899 A Marconi's message passed the Channel

1901 An other from him passed the Atlantic

1906 Lee de Forest invented the audion. It became easily to keep radio waves. During many years, these lamps were much used on the radios.

1918 The French Lucien Levy invented the superheterodyne. It avoids to mix two stations. The reception became much more better. This invention is still used on the nowadays posts.

1928 Edwin Howard Armstrong invented FM. Sound quality was much more good. There could be more radios and less parasites. By 1969, 1700 radio stations were broadcasting using the FM method "

1947 William Bradford Shockley, Bardeen and Walter Houser Brattain discovered the transistor. They received the Nobel prize in 1956. New radios post didn't need much energy. The lamps disapeared.
1989 The RDS was invented. Now radios can send text or other informations to their listenners. For example, on many posts today, you can see the name of the station thanks to the RDS.

Late 1990's Thanks to Internet and music players, you can listen a radio from any country in place you are with your computer. Some radios save their programms on their web server and you can listen to it some dais after the officila diffusion.
2004 Podcasting is a new revolution in the world of the radio. With a MP3 players like the iPod, you can suscribe radio programms easily thanks to RSS and listen to it when you want and where you want. It become so easy that even no-professional broadcaster became good podcaster.
I hope that this long story his not ended :)
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